I expect a lot from a comedy. The first one is a given, but it can sometimes be hard to do. That’s to actually make me laugh. I have a weird sense of humor. Like, I won’t laugh at a comedy routine, but I will laugh for ten minutes over saying “goat” in a weird voice. Or something. I dunno.

I also expect them to be clean. I don’t like suggestive or bathroom humor. In fact, I find it incredibly awkward.

Anyway, why am I saying all this?

Well, I thought it would be fun to recommend some clean comedies that you totally need to watch. Most of these are on Netflix, so you should totally check these out.

4. Nacho Libre

Ah, Nacho Libre. This movie is honestly so weird. It’s about a monk who secretly becomes a luchador. Strange, right. But it’s hilarious. Nacho picks up this homeless dude as a companion and they quickly become frenemies.

Asking the real questions

See? Honestly, they are the worst luchadors ever, but it’s hilarious to watch them fail. That and it’s just hilarious to watch Nacho try to lead this secret double life. The big reveal is one of the best parts of the movie.

There are tons of quotable scenes and inside joke material. If you need a quirky movie to watch, pick this one.

3. The Truman Show

I have never heard anyone talk about this movie. It’s so funny, guys!

This movie is a little confusing if you don’t know what it’s about first. (That’s how I watched it cause my dad refused to tell me ANYTHING.)

The Truman Show is about this average guy named Truman who doesn’t know that he’s the main character of this hit TV show. They have cameras set up all around his town and he’s been secretly filmed since his birth. Yeah, creepy. Then he starts to figure out what’s really happening and it gets way better.

2. Clue

Yes, Clue. As in the board game. Weird concept, I know, but it’s hilarious. There is a little innuendo in this movie and there are murders (like someone is stabbed in the back and someone else is clobbered with a candlestick) and a little cussing, but it’s AMAZING.

This movie is about seven people (Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, etc) who are stuck in this huge drafty old house with a murderer. Then the murders keep piling up and it’s great.

There are so many funny lines in this movie. There are several pertaining to grammar and it just made my writer heart happy.


1. The Princess Bride

This movie is one of my favorite movies ever. I can’t praise it enough. It’s hilarious, romantic, action-packed, and eclectic. Now, I know this movie is uber popular amongst homeschoolers (shout out to my peeps), but I think this movie should be even more popular.

This movie follows a young farm girl named Buttercup. She falls in love with one of her errand boys named Wesley. Unfortunately, Wesley dies after going off to try to make his fortune. Then Prince Humperdink falls in love with Buttercup, thieves kidnap her to get to the Prince, and this man in black is pursuing the kidnappers. There’s a fire swamp, shrieking eels, a castle storming moment and way more. This movie is a must watch. It’s on Netflix, people.

There is a torture scene that literally sucks away an hour of someone’s life (#daylightsavingstime #shotsfired) so you may wanna skip over that while watching with young children. Oh, and there’s one curse word towards the end. But otherwise, it’s a fantastic, cheesy 80s movie.