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Hullo, dear friends.

I’ve got something a bit different for y’all today. This post is going to be a short story based on this lovely song:

Aye, you heard me correctly. I’m going to write what I envision when I hear this song. So, for the full effect, I suggest that you listen to it when you read this.

Enjoy. ^-^

Rene Dupont threw open the upstairs window and leaned out of it. He’d had quite enough socializing for tonight. His father wouldn’t be pleased if he found his nineteen year old son cowering in the music room while a very important ball was taking place.

But Rene’d had enough. Enough of the ladies in puffy dresses. Enough of the suffocating scent of perfume. Enough of the dancing and the introductions and stuffy tuxedos. Speaking of which . . . Rene quickly loosened his bow tie and whipped off his jacket. Horrible things. They were created to torment him. He just knew it.

When he’d finally gotten his breath back from all those dances with over-perfumed ladies, he walked over to the piano and sat down on the bench. Rene touched the keys lightly with his fingers. He always thought the piano was a beautiful instrument. His father hadn’t approved of the lessons, saying it was a waste of time, but Rene’s mother always had a way of talking him around.

The thought of his mother brought a small smile to his lips. He missed her. He missed her ever so much. He was eleven when she died. She had loved his piano playing. It was she who encouraged him–sometimes even forced him–to practice.

Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes for just a moment, Rene began to play.

When he played, it seemed like everything else was forgotten. His dead mother, his overbearing father, Aimee, everything. And it was wonderful.

“I thought you were at the ball.”

Rene stiffened and turned to the door. “Aimee. I-”

Aimee smiled. “No need to explain. I understand.”

Rene smiled back, relaxing a little. Aimee seemed to understand him in a way no other person did. He couldn’t figure it out, but she seemed to understand him better than he understood himself sometimes.

“I don’t think it will be long before they realize you’re missing,” Aimee said, walking over to the window and looking out.

Rene’s heart ached just looking at her. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight. “You’re right. My father seems to know my every move.”

Aimee laughed. “He does have a way of doing that.” Then she turned and looked at him. And Rene’s heart stopped.

They stared at each other for a moment before Aimee looked away.

“You look beautiful tonight,” Rene said softly, taking a step closer to her.

Aimee blushed. “I was a little surprised for the invitation.”

“I insisted.”

“I almost wished you hadn’t,” she replied, looking back at him. “It will make it even harder for us when . . . ”

Rene sighed, biting his lip. “I know, but I just had to see you again.”

Aimee looked at him. “I know.”

“Aimee, I-”

“Don’t. You’ve said it once and I couldn’t bear to hear it again.” She turned away from the window and took a few steps to the door.

“Please don’t leave,” Rene whispered, longing filling his voice.

She stopped. “I have to.”


She kept walking.

“Run away with me. We could live in America, where Father would never find us. I’ll get a job and we could settle down . . . ”

This made her freeze. “But, Rene, your inheritance. Don’t loose it just because of me.”

“Then we will just have to convince Father,” he said, feeling a bit panicked.

Aimee turned. “Again? I didn’t think it worked very well the last time.”

“Aimee Cordier. I love you, and I want you, and only you, to be my wife. I would do anything to have you by my side.”

“Oh, Rene,” she whispered, taking a step closer and wrapping her small hand around his.

Rene leaned closer and pressed his lips into hers. And she kissed him back.

Aww. *happy squeal* Ain’t it so cute? I didn’t actually mean for that to happen, but *shrugs* those characters. *shakes head*

Well, I do hope you enjoyed that little romance. If you would like to steal my idea, feel free. {And do please link your post down below if you do decide to do it. I would love to read it. ^-^}

Have a lovely day, and Merry Christmas! :D


  1. Awwww, that was really cute. And a fun read too. ^.^ You write scenes like that well. :D I wish I had your talent! :P

  2. Jesseca Wheaton

    January 3, 2016 at 5:52 PM

    Wow, that was so sweet and perfect! And it went along with the music so well! I could totally see the scene with the music. :)

  3. Okay, I know this is an old post, and might seem weird, but…. I love this so much! I don’t even know how many times I have read it. It’s so sweet! *squeaks happily*

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