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NaNoWriMo Recap

(This post is a day late, but whatevs.)


This is actual footage of me realizing I had won. Except I had ice cream.

This is actual footage of me realizing I had won. Except I had ice cream.

What is this strange combination of letters, you may ask?

NaNoWriMo is basically this insane, exhilarating month where writers around the world write 50,000 words in the month of November. Sound crazy to you? Well it is. And I did it.

Last year I wrote my superhero story and this year I wrote my Revolutionary War in space story. (Check out my Pinterest board, my inspirational playlist that I have listened to about 1000 times, and my stats for it on NaNoWriMo. )

I actually wasn’t sure I would win this year.

About a week ago, I was waaaaaaay behind. I was supposed to hit 30k a few days before and I hadn’t hit 25k. I had pretty much never hit the daily word count in the entire month and I was loosing confidence in my story.

I loved the concept and the characters and everything, but I just really . . . didn’t want to write.

Then I pushed myself to write actually win this year. I knew it would be tough and I wouldn’t have free time outside of writing. AND I WROTE ROUGHLY 5000 WORDS A DAY. YES. On Saturday, I WROTE 7K. That is the most I have written in one day in my life. (Next year, I intend to push that record. *sly smile*)

And I wouldn’t have done it without a few people. So here are the people I would like to thank.

1. My family

Yup. These amazing people didn’t object if I brought my laptop into the room and generally ignored the movie we were all watching while I wrote another thousand words. I was gone a ton this month, so I had to take advantage of every moment I had.

2. Sam 

(You may recognize her as Saphira, but that’s the same epic person.)

She was my word sprint companion. We would stay up way to late sprinting. Thanks so much for keeping me awake and pushing me to write a couple hundred words more.

3. The Thread

Yup. You know who you are. Y’all are fantastic. Thanks so much for motivating me and pushing me to write more. And the word wars. XD

4. The Mibbit Group (What exactly shall I call you?? Previous cabinmates? Okay, sounds legit.)

Thanks so much for introducing me to Write Deck, word sprinting with me, and doing that crazy 10k a day challenge (I’m looking at you, FaithSong).

5. November Ninjas 

I’m sorry I wasn’t that active, guys, but y’all were amazing as well. Thanks for motivating me and helping me plan and just being there for a chat.

Now it’s time for a little section I like to call . . . what else happened in November? (actually this is the fist time I’ve done this but whatever)


I had way too much fun making this.

1.  I got a job at Chick-fil-A!

2. I started watching Downton Abbey. Annnnnd this is one of the reasons I wasn’t writing at the beginning of November. *sheepish smile*

3. I’ve officially read 100 books this year! I finished my 100th book (Twelve Years a Slave) this month, and I am looking forward to reading some more this month before 2016 ends (what???? already??)

Alrighty. I think that’s about it. I guess this gargantuan post makes up for the lack of posts in November (or maybe that picture above does, Idk).


  1. LoL. Just. Funny. 😂

  2. -celebrates- YAY!
    Honestly, I couldn’t have made NaNo happen without you, so I’m gonna use this right here to tell you THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. :D -hugs-
    Aww yesh, I’ve always wanted to work at Chick-fil-a! Have fun for me!
    I’ve heard that Downton Abbey is a good show; from the fact that you are watching it, I’m sure it’s pretty good. :D
    100 books??? -round of applause- I’ve always wanted to do it (I’m sure I’ve done it without realising it), but wow, that is a ton of books! Congrats!
    -hugs again-

  3. YAY! CONGRATS CONGRATS! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! *sends cinnamon rolls* (By the way, a revolutionary war space story sounds so cool.) Chick-fil-a! ACK! I love that place.

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