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So, I won NaNoWriMo

*casually waltzes in a bit late* Well, I did it, blogger friends. I actually won NaNoWriMo. I wrote a grand total of 50,035 words in 29 days. {I finished a bit early cause I had to study for finals. *scowls at finals*}

WARNING: From this point on you will see a lot of gifs, words in caps lock, and general chaos. Proceed at your own risk.

Don’t know what NaNo is? Well, watch this video that helped me survive NaNo and you’ll be all up to date. {Plus it does a fantastic job of summarizing my feelings throughout the month.}

So the Saturday before NaNo ended {which would be the . . . 28th? *checks calendar* 28th. Correct.}, I had almost given up. I was about 6,000ish words behind, and I was super stressed cause finals were coming up and I had a slew of words to write and . . . it was madness.

But then I woke up Sunday morning and got writing. It took hours and hours, but I finally did it. At like 9:00 at night I won. And I was over the moon.

I even filmed my response, but I think that video will just stay with me. *evil laugh*

So, now I will demonstrate with my friends the gifs what I was feeling.

So this is what it felt like when I started writing. Epic Thorin hair flip and everything. {Just imagine those swords were pens.} 

Me writing the last couple hundred words of NaNo. That epic explosion totally happened.

My celebration

My family’s response. {I’m the slightly giddy Skandar.}

Or maybe my family was David Tennant in the background. *shrugs*

ANOTHER WARNING: This is the caps lock part I was talking about earlier. You may want to skip this part where I show the world that I’m still in shock.

But really. How in Durin’s name did I even do that?! 50k in 30 days! That’s insane! I still have no earthy idea how I even did that. *shakes head, eyes wide* Totally not sure.

So there you have it, friends. That was my NaNo 2015 experience. I’m actually kinda surprised that I didn’t go into caps lock mode. Huh. *shrugs* Well, I hope this post wasn’t too chaotic. And I hope it didn’t crash your computer. Ehehehe. Sorry if that really did happen. *sheepish smile*

Comment below if you participated in NaNo and totally tell me if you won. We can have a party in the comments. XD

Adios amigos.


  1. Wow yes!!! That is so intense, you’ve got a very good reason to celebrate! :D All those GIF’s are perfection though.
    Ahhhh, 50K in 30 days? That’s an insane amount of words! -highfive-
    Amazing job Hope!! Even with stress and finals and stuff. :D

  2. Yay!! Congrats! Love your gifs! :)

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! Congrats!!
    I just came across your blog on Goodreads. . .thus my super late comment. :P
    I did NaNo and won as well! All the GIF’s were perfect! I loved them and they so totally described everything perfectly! :)

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