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Hello everyone! So Athelas over at Red Lettering posted this writing prompt:

Interesting prompt, right? So I decided to take up the gauntlet and write. So, dear friends, here goes.

    A knock sounded on the metal door. “Mr. Shaw? Are you ready?” a muffled female voice asked.

   “Yep. Come on in,” Felix Shaw answered, sounding more confident and collected than he felt. A curly haired woman appeared from behind the door and smiled at him. He picked up his helmet and followed the woman out the door and through a maze of hallways. “Where exactly are we going?” he asked, trying to keep up with her speed walking. She walked surprisingly fast for a woman in five inch heels.

   “To Room 204,” she answered, not slowing down for a minute.

   “Room 204?” Felix stopped in the middle of the hallway, puzzled. “Why are we going there? And why did they make me wear this space suit?” He looked down at the space suit in disgust.

   “Mr. Jones will brief you once you arrive.” The woman glanced back at him, an eyebrow raised. “Well come on. They’re waiting for you.”

   Felix huffed. He was getting annoyed at this woman. She was probably the one who had suggested he wear the space suit. He scowled at her back for good measure.

   Finally, the two arrived at their destination. Felix quickly wiped the scowl off his face and knocked on the door.

   “Come in,” Mr. Jones’s deep voice answered. A few butterflies fluttered inside Felix’s stomach as he opened the door. “Ah, Mr. Shaw. Are you ready for our little experiment?” When Felix nodded, Mr. Jones continued. “Good, good. Now, take a look at this, Mr. Shaw.” Mr. Jones gestured to a huge, empty picture frame.

   “What is it?” Felix asked in awe.

    Mr. Jones slowly walked over to the huge frame. “From all the tests we have run, it seems to be a magic mirror of sorts, a portal. When we turn it on,” Mr. Jones explained, flipping a switch. The room was filled with harsh blue light and the sound of electricity. “we can vaguely see trees. We have sent things through the portal, but we have no way of knowing what happened to them. We are not even sure if this is safe.”

  Felix turned to look at Mr. Jones. “Then what am I here for?”

    Mr. Jones smiled, and Felix got a feeling that he wouldn’t like what he was about to hear. “You are our guinea pig. All you have to do is step through the portal, take a look around, snap a few photos, and report back to us.”

   Felix slowly nodded, not really sure that he wanted to do this anymore. There were so many risks involved. What if he died? What if there was some terrible thing waiting for him? What if the portal only made one way trips? Felix was about to voice his thoughts when he realized that he was being pushed closer to the portal.

   “Hey. Wait! I’m not sure I want to do this anymore!” Felix said, struggling against Mr. Jones’s iron grip.

   “Good luck, Mr. Shaw,” Mr. Jones said, fastening the helmet under Felix’s chin and shoving a camera into his hands.

   Felix tried to grab onto the side of the frame, but missed, and spiraled into the portal. With wide eyes Felix surveyed his surroundings. Harsh light poured in through the mirrored window of his helmet. Just as his eyes got used to his surroundings, Felix tumbled head first onto the ground outside the portal.

   Felix slowly sat up and looked through his now scratched helmet. “Nice,” he muttered, frowning at the scratches. Once Felix had won the struggle of standing up in the cumbersome space suit, he walked back over to the portal. He walked around the bluish colored portal and studied it from all sides. Feeling the sudden urge to touch it, Felix slowly lifted his gloved hand and reached out to touch the blue light. At once, Felix was whisked back to the small room which contained Mr. Jones and that woman. Mr. Jones spun around and scowled at him.

   “You coward. Go back there and explore!” Mr. Jones yelled, his face quickly turning red.

  Felix quickly decided that he didn’t wish to feel Mr. Jones’s wrath, so he spun around and jumped back into the portal. The portal ride seemed quicker this time. The lights were a bit faster, and this time, there was a whooshing sound that Felix hadn’t noticed earlier.

   Felix landed on his feet this time. He grinned at his progress. He then pulled out the camera Mr. Jones had thrust into his hands and started taking pictures.

   Most of Felix’s surroundings were boring. He was in a forest with a stone pathway. That was a little interesting. Felix absentmindedly wondered why there was a stone path in the middle of this creepy, misty forest when he heard a loud boom that sounded like a falling tree.

   Felix spun around, hoping to find that it was indeed a tree, and not some horrid forest monster. His breath came in short gulps.

   “Panicking won’t help, Felix. Just . . . stay calm,” he mumbled. He took a few deep breaths in an effort to calm himself before walking closer to the portal. He was stopped by an ear splitting roar. Felix’s eyes widened. “Oh no.”

Ehehehe. *evil writer laugh* So what did you think? Like it? Would you have done something differently with that prompt? I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading! :D

PS- I’m sorry for the lame title of this post. I’m awful at coming up with names for my stories.


  1. That is a really cool prompt, and I think you wrote an amazing story! I really want to read more now! hehehe. I think your title was great by the way. :D
    Keep up your amazing posts!

    • Also, I do believe you changed your blog a bit. It looks amazing. ^.^

      • Thanks so much, Sam! I’m glad you liked it. :D
        Aye, I may have to write a sequel. XD My sister got quite mad at me. XD
        Yep. I cleaned it up a bit and am trying out a new theme. And a new name. Not completely sold on the name, though.

  2. Good one. Hopefully, the roar isn’t anything scary. Maybe it’s a parrot who learned to imitate a monster. I want Felix to meet someone nice there and decide to stay where he can’t be unwillingly shoved through more portals.

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